True passion for what we do.

Our commitment to quality, innovation and the pursuit of masterpieces all starts back in 2012, when Edgar Julian Sued decides to take a leap of faith to follow his dreams and formally become part of the intricate yet beautiful world of tobacco. Through the years Edgar had developed a friendship with the esteemed master blender Juan Francisco “Chico” Rivas who took him in under his wing and showed him the ropes. After arduous months of study, hands-on work and dedication, it was time to set sail.
In 2013 Tabaqueria 1844 and the brand Campesino Series were born out of the desire to showcase and truly emphasize the love, sweat and labour that every Dominican man and woman puts forth throughout the entire process of cigar making — everyone from the farmers up to the torcerdores. Meanwhile in 2015 another project of sorts came to fruition as a byproduct of a great friendship, this time it was working side by side with icon, Hendrik Kelner, Jr., at this point Julián Sued & Compañía was conceived in 2015, a collaboration to produce very special, small batch and limited edition cigars crafted with the finest tobaccos hand picked by Hendrik and Edgar. In 2018 after six successful years working along “Chico Rivas,” Edgar parted ways and continued working exclusively with Hendrik.
Come 2020 a new opportunity arises, Julián Sued & Compañía opens the doors to its first and very own factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, where Edgar supervises every process from head to tail while empowering and allowing every member of the factory to really bring forth their expertise and play a major role in crafting our exquisite cigars. Our sales director and brand ambassador Luis E. Fernández Argüelles a longtime friend and associate who also shares a tremendous passion for the world of tobacco and cigars works hand-by-hand with Edgar to develop, innovate and push forward new brands and products. Luis is committed to bring home the feedback we receive from our brothers and sisters of the leaf, so that we can carry on our commitment to release and offer extraordinary smoking experiences.

It is our mision to continue to
bring to you never-ending improvement, enjoy

Edgar Julían SuedFounder